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Welcome to PESTMAN Pest Management Services!

Protecting Your Health & Environment

Who We Are

PESTMAN® PEST MANAGEMENT, A British Public Health Pest Control & Management Co. since 1986 founded by Dr. Walshe a Senior Scientist, who has devoted his life time in the Research and Development of Non-Hazardous advanced methodology of Pest Control involved in creating Pest Free Environment by ALARP ( As Low As Reasonable and Practicable usage of Pesticides) which is Non Hazardous to the Human Health and Environment.

Creating Pest Free Environment in an Environmental Friendly manner is a must in our Service Operations, We never expect our Operators to apply pesticides without Qualified Supervision. It is a Pestman® International Policy that each team of 3 members shall apply insecticides and pesticides under the Supervision of a Qualified Supervisor, who is Fully Trained and Certified by our UK Principles in the Safe Application of Pesticides and the applicable Advanced Methodology.

What We Do

We use advanced technology to provide High Value, Clean and Sanitized PEST FREE ENVIRONMENT; which meet challenging demands of international standards. We set TQM system both in our organization and in what we starve for our clients. Not to say! We provide free technical solutions / advice along with Value added services and make a commitment to know our clients needs and wants and be ready to help them whenever required.

What We Believe In

Upgrading our knowledge regularly through professional bodies, providing continuous training to all our employees, So as to perform efficiently. Respecting varied strengths & Capabilities of all our employees, professional bodies, business partners, industry affiliates and customer feedback. Honouring all commitments that we under take, providing tangible and intangible relatively higher value to our customer in their business & society.

Our Vision

To become a dynamic top performing Public Health & Structural Pest Control Precision applicator with an eye and ear on the Environment, Food Safety, GMP, GHP, adapting SOP Standard Operating Practices A Professional Safe Approach To Pest Removal.

Our Mission

To provide effective pest control services that meets the needs of our customers. Whether that means specialised SPM - Structural Pest Management in compliance to IPM, SOP, SSP, ASC, OHS, ALARP, HSE and TQM; our experts are here for your assistance, whenever you need them.

Based on this Vision & Mission

PESTMAN® has made significant strides since its inception in becoming a pacesetter / pioneer in the pest Management business. Its mission has been to identify and deploy the best non hazardous pest control techniques and methodologies available across the globe; that provide the company with quality focused cost effective competitive edge to maintain highest standards in the Health, Safety & Environmental aspects. Be dominant and competitive in Pest Management business.

Our Service includes

HACCP & ISO Compliance Pest Control & Management, Fumigation & Certification, Ship Sanitation Exemption Certification( Deratting Certification), Advanced Anti-Termite Systems, Control of Cockroaches, Bed bugs, Scorpions, snakes, Rats, Ants, Flies and Mosquitoes etc.

Our Services


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De-Ratting Certification

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Ship Sanitation Certification

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Why only Pestman®?

  • Pestman® provide Professional Pest Control Services in a challenging competitive environment even performing under toughest conditions
  • At Pestman® we use highly quality, effective odourless and colourless chemicals used in all developed countries at very affordable prices.
  • These are hassle free and safe for occupants and completely kill termites.
  • Providing services at least possible profit margin, without comprising customer satisfaction and employee welfare.
  • We achieve this by improving established market ratio through high volume high profiled clients.
  • We provide services for Pre Construction and Post Construction using the advanced technologies.
  • We provide 20 years guarantee* on the Anti Termite Pre construction treatment.
  • * conditions apply
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Integrated Pest Management System, Anti-Termite, Fumigation, Ship Sanitation Control / Exemption Certification